Founders & Senior Leaders

Jeff Jansen
Founder & Senior Leader

Jeff Jansen is Founder of Global Fire Ministries International in Murfreesboro, TN. The mission of GFMI as an Apostolic and Prophetic ministry is to pave the way for personal, city, regional, national and World revival. The ministries of GFMI include: Global Connect, Global Fire Churches, Global Fire TV, and international conferences and crusades. Jeff Jansen is well known for his Miracle/Healing anointing and Prophetic ministry worldwide, often giving revelatory directives for not only individuals but regions and nations. Jeff is also founder & Senior Leader of Global FIre Church Murfreesboro, from which the Global Connect initiative of church planting and networking was birthed.

Jeff Jansen has authored five books: Glory Rising: Walking in the Realm of Creative Miracles, Signs & WondersGlory Rising: ManualFurious Sound of Glory, The Believers' Guide to Miracles, Healing, Impartation & Activation, and Revival of the Secret Place. He is also a contributing author to two books: Adventures in the Prophetic, along with James Goll, Patricia King, and others, and Beyond 2012: What the Real Prophets are Saying, with Bob Jones, Graham Cooke and others.

If you would like to invite Jeff for a ministry engagement please follow the instructions on the booking page.


Jan Jansen

Jan Jansen, along with her husband Jeff, is co-founder of Global Fire Ministries and co-team leader of the Global Fire Church & World Miracle Center located in Murfreesboro Tennessee. As a body, we want to see the Murfreesboro / Nashville area and 10 state region and beyond impacted by establishing the Kingdom of God on the earth.

Jan's desire is to see people walk in their full destiny by intimately knowing the Person of the Holy Spirit. Jan is a true dreamer and Seer. Through the years of journaling and inquiring of the Lord, Jan's ability to understand visions and dreams has grown and matured and has been tested and proven to be highly accurate and credible. Angels surround her ministry and are often in operation as she ministers with Jeff at various conferences and meetings around the world. Jan moves with great compassion toward those who have been tormented and afflicted by the devil. Healings and deliverances often take place as she prays over those whose bodies have been ravaged by affliction, sickness and disease.

Jan also has been highly impacted by the Spirit of Adoption (Romans 8:15) , as the Lord directed she and Jeff to adopt three children. She loves to minister the true meaning of adoption to others and many have also adopted as a result. Her heart is to live out James 1:27 and brings other to a deeper understanding of God's Father Heart. 

Pastoral Care Team

Mark White
Associate Apostolic Leader
Associate Pastoral Care Leader

 Mark D. White was raised an Assembly of God pastor’s son and started preaching at the age of 15. In 1978 he graduated from Kenneth E. Hagin’s Rhema Bible Training Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Since then he has been an associate pastor of two churches, and has pastored three. Mark also holds a Doctorate from Saint Thomas University and a BS/BM from University of Phoenix. Mark is on the leadership team of Global Fire Ministries in Murfreesboro, Tn. with Jeff Jansen as team leader.

Mark travels extensively throughout the United States and travels International ministering the Word of God by precept and example. Having over 40 years active experience in ministry, gives place to the workings of the Holy Spirit in the lives of the believers and unbelievers. Mark’s insight and practical understanding in the spirit makes room for him to operate in the Prophets’ office with a pastor’s heart. There is a strong tangible anointing upon him, which gives place to the open move of the Holy Spirit in edifying and comforting the local church.

Mark has a reputation for balanced teaching and preaching with compassion for the heart of the people. Homes are restored, blind eyes are opened, deaf ears are healed, cancers disappears, cataracts removed, and broken hearts are mended. The Word of God is preached with signs following. Miracles and Healings happen in every service.  It is Marks desire to serve the purpose of each and every local church and ministry.

Dave & Allyson Maedel
Pastoral Care Staff | Global Fire Men’s Group Leader
Pastoral Care Staff | God’s Fire Force Ministry Leader

Dave Maedel is a licensed Certified Public Accountant in Tennessee, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. With more than 25 years experience working in the public and private sectors, as well as performing professional consultations, Dave has a wealth of knowledge to offer. He has a heart to impart, empower and see God's people set free from the bondage of poverty and debt, while leading them in Biblical principles for Godly stewardship, financial freedom and Kingdom building.  Dave also works to encourage men in the Body of Christ to unite in their true identity as men of valor.

Dave and Allyson share a passion for the youth, family and adoption ministries. Originally from Medford, NJ, Dave and Allyson have been married for over 20 years. They have a teenage son, a recently adopted daughter, and hope to adopt another child in the near future. Like Jeff and Jan, Dave and Allyson carry the Spirit of Adoption as adoption advocates. They desire to see every orphanage transformed into adoption agencies, or way-stations for children and waiting parents to be united as forever families. Their banner is, "Every child should have a Godly home." Dave and Allyson consider Psalm 127:3 and James 1:27 to be a core part of their personal mandates.

Allyson Maedel, along with her husband Dave, relocated to Murfreesboro from New Jersey in response to a strong urging from the Lord. In the process, God lit a fire deep within Allyson to work with the incredible kids at Global Fire Church. As a result, a vibrant new children’s ministry, “God’s Fire Force,” came to life. Allyson’s vision is to see this generation trained, equipped and powerfully activated to carry out the great commission. She works to provide a solid Biblical foundation to empower the children to do all that the original disciples did in the book of Acts. In addition, Allyson is continually working with children, youth, singles and families to impart an unquenchable fire and a contagious spirit that attracts the lost, and brings hope and healing to the individual. Her background includes a Bachelor’s degree in Education, a Master’s Degree in Counseling and over 25 years of experience and training in counseling, education, and ministry to children, women and families.


Tony & Kim McLester
Pastoral Care Staff
Freedom & Inner Healing Ministers

Tony and Kim come to us with several different inner healing and freedom training models under their belts. You may notice some or parts of all these models in use when you sit in a ministry session. The Lord has equipped them and leads them through the ministry time guiding it by His Holy Spirit. Tony & Kim have a true desire to set the captive free.

“Our call and desire is to see people set free from all physical, mental, emotional, spiritual bondage and release them into the journey of fullness the Lord Jesus Christ already paid for them at the Cross of Calvary. Our goal is to assist each person in removing all boundaries and limitations set in place to hinder and contain the call of God on their lives and propel them into their unique destiny.”

Tony & Kim have served on prayer and healing teams for over 10 years. They have been married for over 30 years and have two grown daughters and a granddaughter.

Sharon Miner
Pastoral Care Staff
Children's Minister

Sharon Miner is our Children's Minister here at Global Fire Church. Originally from Little Falls, NJ, Sharon studied at Southeastern College. She has been involved in Children's Ministry for over fifteen years, serving churches in Florida and Alabama. Her passion is to see children know Jesus personally, move in the gifts of the Spirit and go forth in ministry in the power of the Spirit. She is gifted in teaching, ministry arts and leadership development. Children who have been raised up in her ministry are faithfully serving the Lord as teens and young adults.

Many of these young people have gone forth from her ministry to pursue full-time Children's Ministry. Her passion for the Lord and children is contagious.

Support & Administrative Staff

Kim McLester

You will find her with her hands in everything, she is here one minute and gone the next. We think there may be more than one of her…just kidding. She is multi talented for sure; she worked as a Graphic Designer and an artist manager for 20 years. She was a Ministry School Administrator in Nashville, now she is our very own Church Administrator and Freedom / Inner Healing Minister.

She has lived in the greater Nashville area for almost 40 years and has been married over 30 of those years to Tony. They have two grown daughters and a granddaughter.


Tony McLester

If you need something fixed or need to find something at Global Fire Church, Tony is your man. We teasingly call him Radar O’Reilly (some of you get it). He was an Auto Technician & Service Manager for over 35 years, now he is our very own Operations Manager, Freedom / Inner Healing Minister & on the Pastoral Care team.

He has lived in the greater Nashville area for almost 40 years and has been married over 30 of those years to Kim. They have two grown daughters and a granddaughter.